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Juan Otín Uriarte was born in Zaragoza, in 1985.

He is passionate about Chinese culture and Martial Arts. Since 2012 he practices Choy Li Fut 蔡李佛 and Tài Jí Quán 太極拳. He started under the guidance of Grand Master Jie-Gao Pedro Rico, with whom he spent four years until his death in 2016. Short after, he met Sifu Manuel Lázaro, also a former student of Jie-Gao, and continued his learning with him, eventually becoming an instructor in his school, Jiŭ Long.

He is also a great tea enthusiast and in the past he managed his own retail business. When he was younger he spent many months in China and all around Asia, traveling and getting to know the culture, and since then he has returned several times.

Since 2018 he is student of Master Pun Seon Seoi 潘顺遂 of Guǎngzhōu 廣州, where he has lived for nearly two years studying Choy Li Fut from Master Pun himself, whose father was a direct student of Grandmaster Chan Yiu Chi 陳耀墀.

Finally, since he was a teenager he has been interested in Buddhist and Taoist philosophies and meditation. Specially attracted to Chán 禪 (Zen) Buddhism, which has precisely influenced our Kung Fu style Choy Li Fut, since it is a heir of the Shàolín 少林 Chán tradition, through monk Choy Fook 蔡褔.

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