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Palm Strikes in Choy Li Fut

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Within the Choy Li Fut system we have a myriad of martial techniques of all kinds: fist techniques, kicks, qin-na 擒拿, sweeps… In addition, it is remarkable a wide variety of strikes with open hand or palm techniques, that come to us from Chan Heung’s first master and uncle, Chan Yuen-Woo 陳遠護, who was an expert in the Fut Gar system or Buddha’s Palm style.

Las manos de los 18 Luohan, Chi Kung, dieciocho luohan, eighteen luohan,

The Eighteen Luohan Hands

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The Sup Bot Law Hon Yik Gun Kuen 十八羅漢易筋 拳 is a form of Qi Gong 氣功 belonging to the Luohan system of Choy Li Fut. It is believed that the exercises contained in this form were taught by Bodhidharma to the monks of Shaolin temple to counteract the numbness of the body caused by long hours sitting in meditation.