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The Lost Kingdom of Loulan

Lóulán 樓蘭 was an ancient kingdom that flourished in the 2nd century BC on the margins of the Silk Road. It was an independent city-state until the Hàn dynasty 漢朝 took control of the region, and proliferated for some more centuries until it was mysteriously abandoned in the 3rd century of our era, leaving only ruins that remained buried in the desert sands for nearly two millennia.

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The Transmission of the Dharma and the Lineages of Chán Buddhism

Chán 禪 differs from other Buddhist schools by attaching greater importance to meditation and intuition than to ritual, intellectual understanding, or study of sacred texts. In China emerged the idea of a “separate transmission” of the Buddhist dharma, external to the scriptures, which transcended language and only took place directly from master to disciple.