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The Lost Kingdom of Loulan

Lóulán 樓蘭 was an ancient kingdom that flourished in the 2nd century BC on the margins of the Silk Road. It was an independent city-state until the Hàn dynasty 漢朝 took control of the region, and proliferated for some more centuries until it was mysteriously abandoned in the 3rd century of our era, leaving only ruins that remained buried in the desert sands for nearly two millennia.

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Clouds and Rain on Mount Wushan

“Clouds and Rain on Mount Wūshān” (巫山雲雨 Wū Shān yún yǔ) is an expression provenient from an erotic scene contained in a poem from the 3rd century B.C. The Chinese have incorporated this expression into spoken language to poetically signify the physical act of love between man and woman. Let’s take a look at the story behind it, whose authorship is attributed to Sòng Yù 宋玉.

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The Sword and the Brush

In Chinese culture, the concepts of Wǔ 武 and Wén 文, which represent the military and civil spheres in government, are considered opposite but complementary. At the individual level, these concepts find their best representation in two seemingly antithetical but very similar arts: swordsmanship (Dāo Fǎ 刀法) and calligraphy (Shū Fǎ 書法).