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Clouds and Rain on Mount Wushan

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“Clouds and Rain on Mount Wūshān” (巫山雲雨 Wū Shān yún yǔ) is an expression provenient from an erotic scene contained in a poem from the 3rd century B.C. The Chinese have incorporated this expression into spoken language to poetically signify the physical act of love between man and woman. Let’s take a look at the story behind it, whose authorship is attributed to Sòng Yù 宋玉.

Poema en Siete Pasos de Cao Zhi

A Poem in Exchange for the Life of Cáo Zhí

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When Cáo Pī 曹丕 became the emperor of China, he was willing to kill his brother Cáo Zhí 曹植 so he could not claim the throne for himself. Thus he challenged him to compose a poem in the time it took him to walk seven steps. If he succeeded, his life would be respected; otherwise, he would be sentenced to death.