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History of Tea and its Culture (III): Sòng Dynasty

During the Sòng 宋, tea preparation reached its highest degree of sophistication, requiring an arduous and laborious process that was only possible among the upper classes, who often had several servants dedicated to this task. To this was added the fever for dòuchá 鬥茶, “tea duels”, in which people competed to demonstrate the skill in the preparation of this drink.

Té Pu Erh en torta y en hoja

Pu’er Tea

Pǔ’ěr 普洱 is the name of a prefecture city in the Chinese province of Yúnnán 雲南. Therefore, formerly Pǔ’ěr was the name for which the tea from this region was known. What we call red tea is actually a type of Pǔ’ěr. But there is also another type, which is the most appreciated in China.